How to use the Email Template Builder How to use the Email Template Builder

How to use the Email Template Builder

Thomas Verschoren Thomas Verschoren

The email template builder is an app you can install via the marketplace.

it will allow you to create and store multiple email templates (all mobile responsive).


  • The App creates templates that when used, apply to all brands for all outgoing mail
  • Only one template can be live at a time.
  • Text in a Call to Action (CTA) section can be documented in one language only (no workaround possible)
  • Email templates should not be created with a black background - this can result in unreadable email communication.

With extra development (at an extra cost), the following can be implemented:

  1. If you have multiple Brands and each brand needs its own email-template
  2. If you want the templates to support multiple languages (with the exclusion of CTA sections in the template)


Once you purchased and added the app to your zendesk instance, you can create your first template(s)

  1. Start from scratch or choose one of the many available themesScreenshot_2022-06-03_at_15.11.20.png
  2. For each theme, you can edit
    1. Logo
      1. Upload a logo, or paste the URL of a logo from your website (ideal image size)
    2. Header Image
      1. Some themes support a banner on top of the template.
      2. Upload an image, or paste the URL of an image from your website (ideal image size)
    3. Links
      1. Some themes support one or two links in the header.
      2. You can show/hide those links and change the title and underlying link
      3. By default, we prefill one of them with a link to your Help Center if you have one.
    4. Colours
      1. Most themes have a primary and secondary colour
        1. These are used for titles, icons, call-to-action text
        2. We prefill the primary colour with the brand colour of your instance.
      2. Most themes have a primary and secondary background colour
        1. These are used for the background of the template and sometimes for the background of the call to action section
    5. Call to Action
      1. Some themes have a Call to Action at the bottom of the theme
      2. It offers the option to add a title, description, action button
      3. The action button can link to an external mailbox
    6. Footer
      1. The footer contains a copyright message (c) Company Name
      2. The company name is taken from your Zendesk account settings
      3. The footer also has a {{footer}} placeholder. If you enabled Social Links in the email footer these will be shown here.
  3. Once you're happy with your setup you can save the template by clicking the save button top left. You can give the template a specific name via the pen tool on top of the preview
  4. Click the code toggle on top of the preview to see the source code, or click the copy button right next to it to copy your code Screenshot_2022-06-03_at_15.20.54.png
  5. Go to the Zendesk Admin Panel >> Channels >> Email and paste your email code.Screenshot_2022-06-03_at_15.24.04.png