Creating and storing multiple email templates Creating and storing multiple email templates

Creating and storing multiple email templates

Thomas Verschoren Thomas Verschoren

The Email Template Builder allows you to create one or more templates to use in Zendesk.

Each template consists of a given theme (e.g. Crawl), customization options and colours.

You can store up to 10 templates in your instance which you can edit, use or duplicate.




If you have multiple Brands and each brand needs its own email template, extra development will be required and is available via our Professional Services. Please reach out to us at or via the widget below.



Zendesk email templates do not support dynamic content. You can always add translated content to your triggers, but templates only support a single language!


Creating a template

  1. Start by customizing a new theme by changing colours, text and images
  2. Change the theme's name via the pencil icon on top of the preview
  3. Once you're happy with the template press Save Template top left
  4. Your template is now saved

Whenever you now open the Email Template Builder you have the option to edit an existing template or create a brand new one.

Use cases

  1. You create a default template for your Zendesk environment.
  2. You copy the code and paste it in Admin Center >> Channels >> Email
  3. You save the Template as "Default Template"

During the Holiday Period your marketing theme provided you with a new banner images featuring Santa Claus and Reindeers.

  1. You can open Email Template Builder and select that Default Template
  2. You have the option to edit the existing one or to duplicate the template into a new Template
  3. If you duplicate the theme (icon next to the save button) you get a new template called "Default Theme 2" which you can rename to e.g. Christmas Template
  4. You can then upload the banner image, change colors to more festive colors and save the template
  5. Copy the code and paste it in Admin Panel >> Channels >> EmailScreenshot_2022-06-03_at_15.24.04.png

Once the holidays are over, you can go to Email Template Builder, select the "Default Template" and copy/paste its code to get back to the regular template.

Deleting Templates

You can store up to 10 templates in the Email Template Builder.

Whenever you don't need a specific template anymore you can use the trashcan icon to delete it.

This will only delete the backup and will NOT affect your live template in Zendesk itself, or its embedded images.

How to get a different template per Brand?


  • Zendesk only allows for one email template in their instance.
  • Our Email Template Builder is focused on no-code easy-to-use templates and only supports a single brand since this is the most used use case for Zendesk customers.

We understand that some customers, especially those using Zendesk Suite Professional or Enterprise might require an email template that allows for multiple brands. Different colours, logos,...

We provide support for this via our Professional Services.

Reach out to our Sales team via the Messaging button below for more information.


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