Loading images for your email template Loading images for your email template

Loading images for your email template

Thomas Verschoren Thomas Verschoren

When using our email template builder, you might want to use images in the email template. In order to do so, we recommend the following:

Uploading and storing images for your email templates

We recommend using images for your email templates that are hosted on your own website or servers. If you aren't able to upload images on your own environment, you can use the build-in image uploader to upload and host images.


Where are the images hosted

Images are uploaded and stores on Cloudflare. This is the same CDN that Zendesk uses to cache their environment.


Who can access the images?

All images are uploaded as public images and linked to your Zendesk domain.

As such the library will only show your own images in your Zendesk environment.

When an image is uploaded it's set to publicly available so any customer looking at an email where the image is used in can see the images.

You can delete your uploaded images via the email builder. This will remove the image from our servers within 1 hour depending on the CDN's cache.


What can I upload

The image uploader is meant for hosting up to 8 images related to your Zendesk email template.

These can be logo's, header banner images or footer images.

We prohibit the upload of

  • pornographic images
  • images that you haven't licensed
  • war, violence, physical or mental harm
  • people and persons that aren't you or haven't signed of for public use

We have access to all uploaded images and regularly monitor the uploaded items for the above.

Misuse will result in a ban, deletion of all items.

Premium Plus is not responsible for the uploaded images and can not be liable for the content on the servers. Premium Plus reserves the right to delete the uploaded data at any time.