Applying multiple languages to a Premium Plus theme Applying multiple languages to a Premium Plus theme

Applying multiple languages to a Premium Plus theme

Irina Antonova Irina Antonova

Step 1 - Add the languages in Zendesk Guide admin

The languages you are planning to apply must be added via admin settings. Please ensure that these languages are identical to the ones in your Zendesk Support environment.



Step 2 - Enable multiple languages in the Premium Plus Theme


Our multi-themes support right-to-left layouts for free. This option is added to the theme settings panel.

Each ready-to-use Premium Plus theme includes native Zendesk elements as well as custom-built ones. When you need to display the theme in multiple languages, you need to enable "Translations" on the theme settings panel:


After this, you will see that some wordings will be translated immediately,  while others will still need to be translated.


Step 3- Create dynamic content

Open the dynamic content section in your Admin center as shown below:

Step_1_Admin_Center.png        Step_2_dynemic_content_section.png

Add translations for each wording within the dynamic placeholder, for example, "How can we help ?"



Step 4 - Add the dynamic content to the P+ Theme

Copy the right content from the dynamic placeholder name. 


Copy just the tail, not the entire placeholder!


Paste the information into the right field on the theme settings panel.


If you want to add URLs which are different to each language, create dynamic content for the URLs.

In case you experience issues with a Premium Plus Theme, please    Contact us