Adding assets (files) to your theme Adding assets (files) to your theme

Adding assets (files) to your theme

Simon Celen Simon Celen

As an admin, visit your Help Center and click on Guide admin top right in the white toolbar:



Next, click on the eye icon in the left hand toolbar:



What you'll see now is a list of all the installed Help Center themes on your account. The single theme at the top is the Live (published) theme. On this theme, click Customize:


Here you can change the theme settings but you can also change the theme itself by clicking on Edit code on the bottom right:



You are now in the theme editor where you can make technical changes. On the left you see a folder called Assets. Open it to see all assets that are currently in your theme:



Click on Add asset to add a file, or simply drag and drop it into the assets folder.


Once the file has been uploaded it is ready for use.

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