Message Board - End of Life Message Board - End of Life

Message Board - End of Life

Thomas Verschoren Thomas Verschoren

We have decided to stop development on the Message Board app.

Impact for you

The app will keep working as is. Since it has no external dependencies and runs 100% within your Zendesk it will keep working as is, until and when Zendesk decided to remove Legacy Custom Objects from their products.

Why are we removing the app?

The Message Board App is built on top of the Legacy Custom Objects stack. This means that new Zendesk customers, or customers who never used Custom Objects before, will no longer be able to install or use the App, since they will only have access to the new Custom Objects.

Since these run on completely different APIs, that would mean rewriting most of our Apps to work with these applications.

We sent out a questionnaire last month gathering interest in our application, and responses where such that investing further in this application makes no business sense for us.

So for those customers using the application: thanks!

Screenshot 2023-11-03 at 15.09.43.png

What will happen next?

We will shortly remove the application from the Marketplace. The application in your instance will keep working until you decide to cancel your subscription.

There will be no further feature or bugfix updates planned to the application.

Uninstall the app 

Message Board makes use of Custom Objects to store your messages.

Due to a limitation in how Zendesk works, you can not uninstall the application if there are existing items in the Custom Object.

Once you have deleted all records, you can safely delete the application via the Admin Center.


Deleting Records

You can uninstall records in three ways:

  1. Manually delete items via the app
  2. Use the Sunshine Data Manager EAP
  3. Use the Zendesk API

Manually deleting records

When looking at your messages in the admin panel of our app you can delete the messages by pressing the Delete Message button.

If you've been using the app for a while it's easier to first press the Clear Archived Messages, so the app deletes all messages older than 3 months first, clearing up a lot of backlog.


Using Sunshine Data Manager

If you have access to the Sunshine Data Manager EAP you can delete objects more easily.


Delete messages via the API

This is a two-step process:

  1. Get a list of all object records
  2. Delete each record

Getting all records

GET /api/sunshine/objects/records?type=message_object_type&per_page=1000 HTTP/1.1
Authorization: Basic {token}

In the returned array you'll get object IDs.

"data": [
"type": "message_object_type",
"id": "5b8c65dc-c143-11ec-a7f7-3198997e61c1",
"external_id": null,
"previous": null,
"next": null

Deleting each record

DELETE /api/sunshine/objects/records/5b8c65dc-c143-11ec-a7f7-3198997e61c1 HTTP/1.1
Authorization: Basic {token}