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WhatsApp Channel Integration

Is it possible to add more than one WhatsApp number to manage within Zendesk?
Extra numbers possible in one Zendesk instance? Yes that is possible and...
Kurt Pinoy Kurt Pinoy
Requirements for our WhatsApp Channel
Requirements: In order for the WhatsApp integration to work smoothly, th...
Kurt Pinoy Kurt Pinoy
WhatsApp channel installation instructions
Step 1 - Download our app Download the app Step 2 - Install our app O...
Kurt Pinoy Kurt Pinoy
Can I get a free trial period of your WhatsApp channel?
Free Trial? Unfortunately we can't offer a trial yet for our Whatsapp - ...
Kurt Pinoy Kurt Pinoy
Hide WhatsApp Online Status
The Zendesk integration creates a link between your WhatsApp account and...
Thomas Verschoren Thomas Verschoren