How to improve the look of my articles? How to improve the look of my articles?

How to improve the look of my articles?

Irina Antonova Irina Antonova

How can I improve the look of my articles in a Premium Plus Theme?

You can format articles with the Zendesk default WYSIWYG editor. However, there are options to make your articles stand out even more. With Premium Plus themes you can add visual improvements to your articles by using our formatting tools. 


Some HTML knowledge is needed when using the formatting tools. In case of doubt make sure you have a copy of the original article (like copying the original content into an unpublished article).



How do I use the formatting tools?

1. Create the code you want to use via the formatting tools


Copy the code (from the formatting tool) into the source code of the article. Make sure that the text and titles are put in the right place. 


The added formatting will not be visible in the article editor. To preview your changes, go to the helpcenter view 

How can I manage the colours of the formatting tools?

All colours are taken from the theme settings of "Light mode colours". Each formatting tool will give different options but they will all use the colours as defined in the "light mode colours".


If you want to understand the impact of the usage of the Premium Plus formatting tools check this article.



The Formatting tools by Premium Plus can only be added manually via the source code of the article. If you're looking for automated solutions, please Contact us.