Help Center Themes License Agreement Help Center Themes License Agreement

Help Center Themes License Agreement

Thomas Verschoren Thomas Verschoren


  • Zendesk Theme: A Help Center theme consists of a ZIP file that can be uploaded in one Zendesk instance and assigned to one brand.
  • An instance: a specific Zendesk environment accessible via a unique URL and admin panel.
  • A brand is a logical element within a Zendesk instance defined by a custom domain and dedicated Help Center.

Licensing and Services

We offer the following services:

  1. Support for our Marketplace Themes via or the Widget on our website
  2. Zendesk Guide Essentials - our consultancy to get you up to speed with Guide quickly and efficiently
  3. Custom Development - Tweaked or Custom Help Center themes to match your branding

Premium Plus has two types of Help Center themes:

  1. Marketplace Themes
  2. Custom Themes


Marketplace Support

We offer Support for Marketplace themes. This support is limited to explaining the admin panel functionality and escalating bugs to the Development team so they can deploy fixes across all customers.


Our Essentials for Guide offering includes an Essentials Theme. This theme, also available on the Marketplace will be installed for each customer.

Our Project team assists the customer with setting up the Admin Panel (WYSIWYG):

  • Logo
  • Brand Colors
  • Header Image
  • Home Screen items
  • Pick between the included design variations

The Essentials Offering is a hands-on setup of the Marketplace theme together with one of our Solution Consultants. It does not offer any custom code changes.

Custom Development

Our Development team can make any design or functionality change to Marketplace themes, or build fully custom themes from scratch.

Our services included (but are not limited to):

  • Custom Header
  • Custom Footer
  • Adding Sidebars
  • Integrate forms with external resources
  • Changing default form behaviour
  • Dark Mode support

Marketplace Theme

Marketplace Themes are purchased via the Zendesk Marketplace. 

Standard License

The Standard license gives the customer access to the Settings panel to tweak pre-configured variables like style variations, colours, logos but does not allow changes to the source code.

Developer License

  • The Developer version of this theme gives you access to the source code to make changes in the code and functionality.
  • Premium Plus is not responsible for any breaking changes resulting from these changes. The customer can always revert back to the up-to-date working marketplace version.
  • The customer can choose which version they buy when opening the theme on the Marketplace 
  • and can upgrade to the Developer version at any time by paying the price difference.
  • We offer no support on custom HTML, CSS or JS code on these themes with the exception of our guide articles.

Updates and Support

  • Bugs can be reported via and will be fixed via a Marketplace app update. Marketplace themes get updates automatically via the built-in Zendesk functionality.
  • As mentioned above, we offer no free support on custom HTML, CSS or JS code changes made on the developer license. Customers can use our Development Services to get paid support and guidance.

Multi-brand License

  • Themes are licenses to a single Zendesk environment and for the brand selected when the customer buys the theme.
  • A multi-brand environment requires the purchase of a marketplace theme per brand.

Custom Theme

Custom themes are any theme where we adapt the code specifically for the customer’s design or to their requirements. Code changes can be as little as overriding a colour, or as big as a fully custom header or design.

There are three options:

  • based on a marketplace theme
  • based on a design provided by the customer
  • We create a custom design based on customer requirements 

Customised Marketplace Theme

For these themes, we start with one of our Marketplace themes. The customer can purchase the developer license directly from us, or via the marketplace and then come to us for paid development services.

Changes on Marketplace Themes can be:

  • Custom Header
  • Custom Footer
  • Changes in colour, font, size, alignment
  • Changes in home page structure
  • ….

Custom Design provided by Customer

  • A fully custom design can be provided by the customer to align the Help Center to an existing website design or branding guidelines.
  • These custom themes are always scoped in advance and are always based on existing design resources or mockups provided by the customer.
  • A customer provided design gives the customer ownership of the design but Premium Plus stays owner of the code and the customer licenses this implementation of the design.
  • Meaning it can only be installed in one Zendesk instance assigned to one brand.
  • Since the customer owns their design, they can recreate it on other platforms with different code.
  • For these themes, the customer does not need to buy a Help Center theme since we design the theme from scratch.

Custom Design created by Premium Plus

  • If a fully custom design is required and can’t be provided by the customer, it can be designed by Premium Plus and signed off by the customer before we start the development of the theme.
  • Custom themes are always scoped in advance and are preferably based on existing design resources, mockups or references.
  • If the design is not provided by the customer, Premium Plus remains the owner of the custom design and code of the theme. The customer is a licensee of the theme for one Zendesk instance and one brand. Naturally, the customer retains ownership of their logo, images and related assets.

Multi Brand Licenses

  • Our themes are licensed for one Zendesk environment and a single brand in that environment.
  • If the customer has more than one brand in their Zendesk environment, they can purchase a one-time multi-brand license for their theme to use the same theme across the entire Zendesk instance for every brand in their environment.
  • All other license rights listed above remain the same.
  • If the customer wishes to use the theme across multiple instances, a full license needs to be purchased for each environment.


  • Premium Plus provides its themes according to Zendesk best practices. 
  • During development, we offer 2 review phases and a final validation phase to validate the functionality of the theme. The review phases are narrowing meaning we fine-tune but never backtrack on decisions.
  • After delivery, we include a two-week post care phase to fix bugs within the original scope of the validated product.
  • Future changes, bugs and feature requests can be made by the customer but are considered new projects.