Adding a category or section icon Adding a category or section icon

Adding a category or section icon

Simon Celen Simon Celen

Note: this does not apply to all Premium Plus themes, only those with individual icons for each category or section.


If your theme has category or section icons you can replace them and add new ones yourself. Each category or section has its own unique ID. To find it, please refer to Finding a category, section or article ID.

You need to name your icon file in a specific way, with a reference to the unique ID for it to be picked up by the theme. To add a category icon, you need to name it "cat-1234567890.svg", with 1234567890 being the unique ID. To add a section icon it's "sec-1234567890.svg". Your icon files may have a .png extension. In that case use "cat-1234567890.png". Note that you cannot add a .png icon when all other icons are .svg, or vice versa. You cannot mix icon file types.

Now that the icon file is ready, add it to the theme's assets as explained in Adding assets (files) to your theme and it will automatically be tied to the category or section.

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