How to modify a Premium Plus theme? How to modify a Premium Plus theme?

How to modify a Premium Plus theme?

Irina Antonova Irina Antonova

Why would you use a Premium Plus Flexi-Theme?


A custom theme is available for Professional, Enterprise and Legacy Guide Plans only. A custom theme is not compatible with Light Guide Plan.

How to adjust a PremiumPlus theme via "zero" coding?

Each Premium Plus flexi-theme has a setting bar to easily adjust the layout. Each element includes several modifications and styles. 

How to access the theme settings panel

How to adjust the header

How to adjust the Welcome banner

How to adjust Helpers

How to adjust categories in "Category blocks" and "Knowledge Base"

How to adjust Promoted articles

How to adjust Recent Activity

How to adjust the CTA (Call To Action)

How to adjust the footer

How to adjust the inner pages

How to adjust an article page

How to show frequently searched articles

Zendesk doesn't provide such parameters to show them automatically. In this case, you should manually choose the articles that are frequently viewed or frequently appearing as search results - in other word, any articles you wish to be available right under your search box on the home page. You should use the label "popular" for this. View this video to know the next steps.


How to localise the content

If your helpcenter is multilingual, you also need to add translated texts to the theme. Learn more in this article.