WhatsApp Activation Info WhatsApp Activation Info

WhatsApp Activation Info

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Verify Facebook Business:



WhatsApp Info

Collect the following information about your WhatsApp account:

  1. WhatsApp Business display name

  2. WhatsApp Business phone number

  3. Facebook Business Manager ID

If you purchased hosting for multiple WhatsApp phone numbers, collect this information for each of your accounts.




Sending proactive messages using “templated messages”

If the agent fails to reply within 24 hours, it can be difficult to reconnect with the end user. If this sometimes happens to you, you may want to consider using WhatsApp’s templated messages feature in the future (see this article from WhatsApp about templated messages).

With templated messages, you can bypass the 24-hour rule and send proactive WhatsApp messages to your end users. However, keep in mind that templated messages aren’t supported by Zendesk’s WhatsApp in Zendesk Support integration by default. If you want to use templated messages with the integration, please contact your Zendesk sales representative to upgrade your account.

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