WhatsApp channel installation instructions WhatsApp channel installation instructions

WhatsApp channel installation instructions

Kurt Pinoy Kurt Pinoy

Step 1 - Download our app

Step 2 - Install our app

  • Open Zendesk >> Admin >> Apps >> Manage
  • Choose Upload App top right
  • Fill in WhatsApp in the form that appears
  • Choose Upload and select the downloaded .zip file
  • Press Upload
  • After a few moments the installation is done. (The screen shows processing...)
  • In the next screen, press Install


Step 3 - Connect Zendesk with your WhatsApp

Once you have installed the WhatsApp Channel app, you are ready to connect with Zendesk Support. In Zendesk Support settings go to Channel Integrations under the section Channels and choose WhatsApp.


Step 4 - Enter your Whatsapp account details

Go to the tab Accounts.

Click on Add Account (you can add max 1 WhatsApp account)
Fill in all the required details and within 24 hours on workdays we will reach out to you for the validation of your Whatsapp-account.

Please note that the synchronisation between WhatsApp and Zendesk is not immediate. It can take up to 1 minute before new comments are presented across the two platforms.


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