9. Deleting Event Types (as an admin) 9. Deleting Event Types (as an admin)

9. Deleting Event Types (as an admin)

Thomas Verschoren Thomas Verschoren

You can delete an Event Type by going to the Admin Panel. By deleting the Event Type, the Event Type will disappear for the agents.
However, the historical events will still be displayed under the user's profile.
You can bypass this by first hiding the Event Type for Agents, and afterwards deleting the Event Type

How to delete an Event Type

It is not possible to reactivate the deleted Event type again. You will need to recreate it.

How to delete an event linked to a user.

Zendesk does not offer a delete option for one event.

The only option is deleting the custom profile associated with the event. This will delete all events added for that type. As such, we've decided to not enable this option in our application until Zendesk offers a more granular approach.


We create an Event Type "Bike Rental" for customer profile type "Rider".

The agent adds an Event "Urban Arrow Black rented" against user Peter.

If we want to delete this event, we need to delete the entire Rider profile for our user Peter. This will delete all Bike Renter events for this user, not only the last one created.

More info

If you do want to delete Events, take a look here.



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