Edit Event Types (as an admin) Edit Event Types (as an admin)

Edit Event Types (as an admin)

Thomas Verschoren Thomas Verschoren

How to edit an existing Event Type?

As an admin, you can perform the following changes to an existing Event Type:

1. Change the title emoji and name of the Event Type

2. Change the fields (add, modify, delete) for both Text as URL properties

3. Delete fields (both Text as URL properties)

There are 2 additional fields you can change

  1. Deactivate the option "Show in User Profile". This allows you to not visualise events. As an option rather exceptional.
  2. Deactivate "Show for agents"? This is used if you don't want the agents to create this event type under a user's profile. This makes sense for "API-triggered Event Types"


Note that changing an Event Type will not change existing Events created against users. 


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