2. Requirements and Limitations 2. Requirements and Limitations

2. Requirements and Limitations

Thomas Verschoren Thomas Verschoren

You can install the Event Manager Pro via the marketplace in Zendesk. Click to install the application. The app can be used by all Zendesk Suite users. You will get a full experience without limitations during the trial period.


  • Have Zendesk Suite
  • Enable User Profiles and User Events


Operational limitations

  • Only Admins can create Event types
  • Full agents can add an Event to a user
  • Light Agents can not add an event to a user. This is a restriction set by Zendesk that can't be altered. 
  • It is not possible to modify or delete events from a user profile. 

Reporting Limitations

Zendesk currently does not have any integration or synchronisation between Custom Data Events and Zendesk Explore. The only way to gather information on a customer's timeline is by looking at their profile. because of Zendesk restrictions, reporting on Events is not possible.


The Event Manager Pro application uses the native Zendesk User Profiles and User Events.


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